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Education, Discipline and Direction

Education, Discipline and Direction

Our first blog so I thought why not start out with our core message – We choose to be in the business of people first. We consider ourselves expert guides in a changing property landscape and a part of your team and your goals.


Education, Discipline and Direction.


As a qualified Financial Planner and professional investor; I hold a finance first attitude; I’m very aware that quite simply, money matters… Consideration to getting the cash and how to pay back the cash is as essential as beginning with the end in mind. No property transaction survives finance issues. It all starts and ends with the numbers.


After more than a decade in the finance and property industry I know too well that managing money is less about maths and more about your mind –  behavioural change is one of the hardest things to conquer but made easier when we align our priorities with our spending…


On an education front; there is no one more qualified and more to the point then Money Maestro Scott Pape.


I’m a huge Barefoot Investor Fan.

I like his buckets.

I respect his transparency and I share his appreciation for choices in life and family first.


I applaud the realism of his approach and we share a focus on the need for understanding where your money goes.… simple money mechanics.


He writes for a national paper, he exposes bull, he’s on the telly and he makes a difference in the lives of others through skilled advice… He’s never taken on board sponsorship. (I LOVE this!) As popular and as persuasive as he could be if he intended to – his ethics and intentions are solid. He can’t be bought – he’s an educator.


He treads his own Path!


My personal strategy is long term. I dig dirt and anything built upon it and I intend my gains to be for the next generations. I have no aspiration for spending and all for accumulation. Everyone’s goals are different and personal. Our drivers and triggers vary. I love the Education, I struggle with the Discipline and I have Direction and Attitude in bucket loads so I’ve fortunately only swerved from the straight line a few times!


So; where does the money we earn go?


This truly is the starting block. For all of us. You will not be unique.  This is where I started.


Most of us don’t track or comprehend and are head in the sand to our own lack of money mindfulness. Sure, we need the essentials like shelter, food and clothing but when you get down into the personal living and discretionary stuff that’s the determination that we as individuals need to make about whether we’re going to enjoy that surplus money now or put it into investment. Discretionary determination is key… it was a turning point for me.


Getting in touch with where your goes and making the most of every dollar couldn’t be made simpler. Scott Pape created an entire money management plan on one page with just 3 buckets and it works with discipline and direction.



MOJO bucket – stash some cash into a high interest savings account without bank fees and prove to yourself that you have the capacity to take on new debt and new opportunity and watch your motivation multiply. Having $ tucked away will change your life. Mojo money is not considered an investment – its peace of mind and its purpose and protection against the unexpected.


BLOW bucket has a hole in it!!! It’s everything labelled lifestyle… both choice and necessity and unfortunately everything in it leaks away. Zone the focus on this one and redirect where possible.


GROW Bucket includes your super, your share portfolio and your investment properties… it will compound over time and take you places! Setting up a goal and knocking it down will change not only the way you spend but the way you live.


From 3 buckets with education, discipline and direction… thousands of people, all ages, all income levels. Save for your first property, save for your first investment, pay off your mortgage, create a rock- solid emergency account, compound wealth and breathe excitement and motivation; life!


What’s this got to do with Real Estate…? BUCKET LOADS!


At Villa & Beach we focus on you as an individual. We will never be property and transaction focused. We are in the business of people first and always will be, encouraging your focus on Income, Expenditure, Time and Target we match the right property to you and to your situation.

Matt Nielsen

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